Guaranteed Pass Scheme

The guaranteed pass scheme is offered by Lambda Motorycle Training to give the trainee free module 2 training if they do not pass this module on there 1st attempt. It gives the trainee assurance that passing module 2 will not be expensive

A 5 day course is a CBT course with a 4 day full licence or DAS course

The scheme applies when a 5 day Lambda training course is booked and paid for in advance. The 5 day course must be taken within a period of 4 seqential weeks with Lambda Motorcycle Training.

Unsucceful module 1 test attemptd are not include in the scheme. Therefore a trainee may find they use up there  5 days attempting to [ass the module 1 test. If this is the case, free training for module 1 outside of the 5 days is NOT included and the free training part of the scheme will end

The module 1 re test fee of £15,.50 will be charged at each attempt

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