Full Licence Courses, Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

Full motorcycle course and direct access scheme

Full licence course and Direct Access Scheme (DAS) are based in Faringdon and Carterton in Oxfordshire. They are geared up for anyone who wants to get on a bike and get their licence. We have developed a range of packages for those who have never been on a motorcycle as well as those who have plenty of experience.

2 Day course:

This is the course for you if you’ve big bike (above 500cc) experience. 2 days on a 700cc.

3 Day course:

This is our most popular course if you’ve experience riding a 125cc. 3 days on a 700cc

4 Day course:

This is the course for you with limited riding experience. 1 day on a 125cc and 3 days on a 700cc.


If you need a CBT certificate and would like to combine it with your full licence course, just add a day. E.g. If you’ve big bike experience but no CBT certificate, take a 3 day course.

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Test fees Included

Our full licence course price also includes your module 1 and module 2 test fee (£90.50)

High Pass Rate

We have excellent instructors with high pass rates.

Safety equipment provided

Price includes hire of all the safety equipment. Your training is also conducted on an approved DVSA site for reassurance.

Feel the freedom of riding on the road and

Pass first time with our instructors

Getting Your Licence

Were here to help you get your Full motorcycle licence using our qualified instructors. We can get you from a learner rider to a safe and confident rider in a few days. We never push you too hard so you always feel in control. Riding gives you an experience like nothing else and we want to share that with you.

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