CBT in Witney and Carterton
£160 with bike hire
£130 with your bike

CBT in Witney

CBT in Witney and Carterton is Is £150 with your own bike and £170 with our bike. The course is designed for learner and experienced riders.

Aged from 16 years upwards can do a CBT course and can use a manual motorcycle or an automatic moped (age 16). Our CBT courses take place in Carterton, Oxfordshire

As a learner, our course will give you the confidence to control your motorcycle or moped and have greater road awareness. As an experienced rider the course is a great refresher to update your knowledge and improve your skills.

Our courses start at 8am and finish at approx. 4pm

Upon reaching the standard throughout the day you will receive an official CBT certificate. This certificate allows you to ride un-assisted for two years with L-plates.

You can then further your training by taking one of our full licence courses.

Details of these courses are on our website. Dont delay book your CBT with us today

Fun and Informative

We are friendly instructors who love teaching new bikers. We like to have fun, teaching you the theory along the way.

Trained to a High Standard

We will teach you bike control to a high standard. We want you to be confident on the road and ride safely


A bike and all safety equipment is provided by us. For re-assurance, our training is conducted on an approved DVSA site.

CBT-Compulsory Basic Training

what's involved

CBT-Compulsory Basic Training, whats involved?

CBT in Witney and Carterton

CBT in Witney and Carterton involves

  • A discussion about why the course is a legal requirement
  • Checking your licence and eyesight (minimum 20 metres)
  • Talking about wearing the correct clothing and a helmet
  • Discussion and practice about the bike controls without the bike moving
  • Using the bike in the official off road area. Here you will learn and practice how to ride and control your bike and how to perform manoeuvres safely.
  • Theory fundamentals including topics in the highway code and how to stay safe while riding.
  • After you are comfortable with this, you will head out onto the public roads with your instructor.
  • On the public roads, you will put all of your morning’s training to the test to show the instructor you have great bike control that you learned from his expert training. You will then do a few manoeuvres which you have mastered and head back to the training site.
  • From here you will have a debrief with your instructor and following a fun and exciting day, you will get your CBT certificate.

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