Frequently asked questions



Should I bring my Great Britain (GB) licence to my course?

Yes, you must bring your licence to the CBT course otherwise you may lose your course fee.

For the full licence course must bring your licence, theory certificate and CBT certificate (DL196) to the first day. You must bring your documents to the full licence practical tests otherwise you will lose your test fee.

Does the CBT special offer course include motorcycle hire?

Yes, the course includes motorcycle hire and is exactly the same as a full price course.

Where is the CBT course located?

Carterton, Oxfordshire.

What time does the CBT course start and finish?

The course runs from 0900 - 1700. Trainees will be informed if the times change.

Are there on-site toilet facilities at the course?

We use a primary school site for CBT courses and the toilet facilities cannot be used for safety reasons. Its advised that trainees are prepared before they arrive and use the town centre facilities if needed.

Do the full licence course prices include test fees?

Yes, both module 1 and 2 test fees are included and the goverment currently charge £90.50 for both. This money goes straight to the government and we do not profit at all.

Do your prices include safety equipment hire?

Yes, a helmet, jacket, waterproofs, boots and gloves are provided.  You should bring some sturdy footwear in case you prefer to wear your own and bring demin/ strong material trousers.

Should I bring sight glasses to my course?

If there's any doubt about your vision, bring sight glasses to the course. Your eyesight is checked on the CBT course by reading a registration plate from 20.5 metres. Your eyesight is checked by the examiner on the module 2 test. Your CBT course or module 2 test will not go ahead if you cannot read the registration plate.

What bikes do you provide for the CBT?

We provide Honda 125cc manual motorbikes and Honda 50cc automatics.

What bikes do you provide for the licence courses?

We provide Honda 125cc and Yamaha MT07 700cc motrobikes.

Should I bring lunch or money for lunch?

Yes, its a good idea to bring some food and drink for the CBT. On other courses, its a good idea to bring some money for lunch.